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    About PE (Polyethylene)


    Polyethylene is the polymer used most widely. Its processing technology is relatively simple, polyethylene is recycled by all existing methods for processing plastics, while highly specialized equipment is not required for its processing directly.
    The complex of chemical, physico-mechanical and dielectric properties determines the consumer properties of polyethylene and allows it to be widely used in many industrial sectors (radio, cable, light, chemical, medicine, etc.).



    Name of parameterGrade
    А4009MFN1325T60-475-119Inpipe 100J53-08 N2000B50-35H-111HP50-25-155T50-500
    Melt flow rate (2.16 kg load) g/10 min0,7-1,14-5,6-6,5-9,50,3-0,40,18-0,265,4-7,6
    Melt flow rate (5 kg load) g/10 min--0,25-0,35----
    Density, kg / m3958-962959-963957-961951-955948-952949-953951-955
    Tensile strength at yield strength, MPa, not less than272821-212224
    Tensile strength at yield strength in the longitudinal direction, MPa, not less than---27---
    Tensile strength at the yield point in the transverse direction, MPa, not less than---25---
    Tensile strength at the moment of rupture, MPa, not less than191250-66---
    Impact strength Izod notched, J/m, not less than-55----57
    Elongation at break,%, not less than500-600-500700800
    Elongation at break in the longitudinal direction,%, not less than---250---
    Tensile at break in the transverse direction,%, not less than---350---
    Flexural modulus, MPa, not less than1000120--900900900
    Softening temperature by Vic method (1kg)--120-120120120
    Test according to the BELL TELEPHONE method for resistance to cracking under stress, hour, not less than--1000-30--
    Impact strength by the method of falling weight, g, not less than---250---



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