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  • What Are The Industrial Uses of Iodine?

    Earth is one of the planets in the solar system with a rich mineral surface. Over the years, humans have been able to extract these minerals and metals and put them to good use. Iodine is one such common mineral found on the earth. There is an abundant source of iodine on earth that is continuously being utilized.

    Not just health benefits, iodine also serves a wide range of industrial purposes. Iodine manufacturers and distributors across the world have formed the World Iodine Association to promote the use of iodine and spread awareness about the benefits of using iodine. WIA members are also involved in the production of iodine in different regions across the world. It is important to understand that iodine has plenty of industrial uses as well that increases its global demand. It is important to get hands-on quality iodine. You can consider Iodine Turkmenistan for its reliable properties.

    Industrial Applications of Iodine

    Iodine is a non-metallic substance in slate gray and crystalline form. It belongs to the halogen group, which also includes fluorine, bromine, and chlorine. It is one of the less reactive metals from the halogen family, which makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. Take a look at some of the common uses of iodine that you can find.

    Weather Modification

    Meteorologists and weather departments have been using iodine in the process of cloud seeding. It is a method of weather modification that requires silver iodide. The crystalline structure of iodine is similar to ice, these crystal work as nuclei around which water starts condensing, leading to precipitation.


    The reason we are able to see the picture clicked from a photograph is iodine. Silver iodide is the light-sensitive substance that you see in photographic films, plates, and papers. The surface of these is covered with grains of silver iodide. When these substances react with the light, black atoms are released to deposit on the plate or paper, forming an image.


    Methyl iodide has been officially approved to be used as an ideal pesticide since 2007. Primarily iodide is used to fumigate the soil before starting the plantation. Methyl bromide was earlier used as the pesticide, which was damaging the ozone layer. Methyl iodide is the environment-friendly option of pesticides.

    Radioactive Tracer

    Iodine also works as a radioactive tracer, which is basically a substance with radioactive isotope emitting radiation when it passes through a medium. Hence, iodine is used in X-ray, ultrasound, CT scans, and other radioactive tracers. These tracers can also be used in heavy-duty industries like gas and oil refineries to detect any leaks.

    The Bottom Line

    A less reactive member from the halogen family, iodine is a non-metallic substance that is found on the earth’s surface in abundance. There are many industrial uses of iodine as well due to its unique chemical properties. The above mentioned were some of the common uses of iodine that you must know.

    4 May 2020

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