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    About Sulfuric acid


    World production of sulfuric acid is about 200 million tons per year. The largest consumer of sulfuric acid is the production of mineral fertilizers.

    Sulfuric acid is used:

    • in the processing of ores, especially in the extraction of rare elements (uranium, iridium, zirconium, osmium, etc.);
    • in the production of mineral fertilizers;
    • as an electrolyte in lead batteries;
    • to obtain various mineral acids and salts;
    • in the production of chemical fibers, dyes, smoke and explosives;
    • in the oil, metalworking, textile, leather and other industries;
    • in the food industry - registered as a food additive E513 (emulsifier);
    • in industrial organic synthesis in the reactions:
    • dehydration (getting diethyl ether, esters);
    • hydration (ethanol from ethylene);
    • sulfonation (synthetic detergents and intermediate products in the production of dyes);
    • alkylation (production of isooctane, polyethylene glycol, caprolactam), etc .;
    • to restore the resin in the filters in the production of distilled water.
    Sulfuric Acid


    Name of parameterParameter
    1st grade2nd grade
    1. Mass fraction of monohydrate, %, not less than92,592,5
    2. Mass fraction of iron, %, not more than0,020,1
    3. Mass fraction of the residue after calcination, %, not more than0,05N/A
    4. Color in solution cubic cm comparison, not more than6N/A


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