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    Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer of propylene (propene).
    PP is used as a material for the production of films (especially packaging), bags, containers, pipes, parts of technical equipment, plastic cups, household goods, nonwovens, electrical insulating material, in construction for vibration and noise insulation of inter-floor overlappings in the systems “floating floor". In the copolymerization of propylene with ethylene, non-crystallizing copolymers are obtained, which exhibit rubber properties characterized by increased chemical resistance and aging resistance. Polypropylene (PPP) is also widely used for vibration and thermal insulation. It is similar in characteristics to polyethylene foam. Also found decorative extrusion profiles of the PPP, replacing the expanded polystyrene. Atactic polypropylene is used for the manufacture of construction adhesives, putties, sealing mastic, road surfaces and adhesive films.



    No.Description of IndexParameters for different grades
    1Melt flow rate (230 °C / 2.16kg), g/10min3.0-4.021.0-29.02.9-3.92.1-2.930.0-40.0
    2Density, kg/cm30.90-0.910.90-0.910.90-0.910.90-0.910.885-0.905
    3Tensile yield strength, at 50 mm/min, MPa, not less than3333293225
    4Tensile elongation at yield, at 50 mm/min, %, not less than7.
    5Flexural modulus (1% secant), at 1.4 mm/min, MPa, not less than1275125811901360935
    6Notched Izod impact strength, at 23 °C, J/m, not less than3018383429


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