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    About Bitumen


    Bitumen is an asphalt-like material, final product of the processing of natural bitumen, residues from the processing of coal, oil, shale tar and peat extracts.
    Bitumen withstands heavy loads and is used for road paving. Basically, it is used in the manufacture of asphalt. In it, it plays the role of a connecting component. Thanks to it, small stones and sand, as well as additional components of asphalt are combined into a dense solid mass.


    Name of parameter Parameter of BND 60/90 Grade
    1 The depth of needle penetration 0,1mm, not less than

    - at 25°C

    - at 0°C




    2 Melting point by ring in sphere, °C, not less than 47
    3 Extensibility, cm, not less than

    - at 25°C

    - at 0°C




    4 Fragility temperature, °C, not higher than -15
    5 Changes of the softening temperature after heating up, °C, not more than 5
    6 Flash point, °C, not less than 230
    7 Mass portion of water-soluble compounds, %, not more 0,30
    8 Penetration index -1,0 to +1,0



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