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  • Bischofite (Magnesium chloride)

    About BISCHOFITE (Magnesium Chloride)


    Bischofite is a mineral (magnesium salt), which is widely used in the national economy, construction and medicine.

    Bischofite is used in the manufacture of artificial stones (tiles, blocks), in petroleum production - for the preparation of cement and hardening mixtures, in the chemical industry - for the production of magnesium compounds of high purity, in housing and public utilities - as an anti-icing agent, to fight ambrosia. Due to its anti-icing properties, bischofite is widely used to prevent freezing and freezing of bulk cargo (coal, ore, etc.) in winter.

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    IndicatorThe Norm
    1. AppearanceScales from white to light gray in color with shades of yellow to light brown
    2.Mass proportion of magnesium ions (Mg 2+)% not less, including MgCl2x6 H2O, %, not less than11,8


    3. Mass fraction of sulfate ions (SO42+)% max1,1
    4. Mass fraction of alkali metal ions, Na + K,%, no more0,8
    5. Mass fraction of water-insoluble residue,%, no more than0,2


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